Starting A Homestead: Tools To Make It Easier

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If you are hoping to get closer to minimalistic or self-sufficeint living by going off grid with a homestead, you know that you have a huge life change ahead of you. You need to learn how to live with less, but you also need to get the things you need to make living off the land more possible.

There are a few unique challenges that come from country living, and these challenges grow larger when you cut out a huge house, convenience stores, and (in some cases) running water. These accessories can be life savers when adapting to homestead living. 

1. Off-road wheels. 

Accessibility is major hurdle to consider when you're planning your new living style. You want a place away from the world, but you also want visitors and emergency response personnel to be able to reach you if you need help. You also want to make sure the place can be accessed in all seasons.

When working your land, a pair of off-road wheels for your vehicle are a great investment. The more aggressive treads make it easier to clear away brush and make it through muddy or snowy conditions. Collecting wood for heat is easier. Gravel roads (which many use to access the land) may require more aggressive tires to drive safely during bad weather. 

You'll spend the first year of off-grid homestead living working hard. You may need to haul water, drive over rough terrain, or load your truck with rocks, stumps, and other debris from clearing your land. Mae sure your tires are up to the job. 

Contact companies like Elite Wheel & Tire Distributors to learn more about off-road wheels.

2. A large water tank.

You might not have the money to drill your own well when you first begin your homestead. If you can't have a well right away, you'll need to invest in an on-site water tank. You might not have your cabin or trailer plumbed for running water, but having water on site will make it easier to clean, wash, and drink. You can haul water yourself if the tank is portable, or you can have water delivered to your site if it is accessible to water companies. 

3. A generator.

One benefit of living off the grid is reduced bills. Many people use solar panels to generate power for daily living. However, solar panels may not be 100% dependable, and in a crisis, it's good to have a fuel-based generator to give you power in a pinch. A generator can run a small fridge to keep meat and dairy from spoiling, and you may need to run the occasional power tool.

4. A clothes line.

You may choose to wash clothes by hand, or you might run a small washer with electricity from solar panels or a generator. The real power suck, however, is a clothes dryer, but you don't need one of the those to get your clothes perfectly dry. A good pulley clothesline will provide room for your load of washing. You can even dry clothes in the winter if you have small indoor hanging rack. 

5. A basic set of tools.

Creating a homestead will not happen overnight, and part of living in a self-sufficient way is doing things the old-fashioned way. You grow your own food, build your fences, and even build your own buildings. if you're hoping to keep animals for milk or company, you'll have even more maintenance. Start a tool collection with items like wrench, handsaws, a hammer, different screwdrivers, drill bits and drivers, and post hole augers. As you start collecting, never say no to free loads of lumber, old reclaimed items, or pallets. Having a  source of wood stacked in your shed means that you'll always be able to fix something or build things in a pinch. 

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