Three Ways To Customize Your Vehicle's Headlights

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If you can build it, you can customize it. No truer words applied to auto parts than those. In fact, almost every single part on or in your vehicle can be customized. This includes your headlights. Do not believe it? There is a certain truck manufacturer that has intentionally made all of its rear taillights on its trucks look like rams' heads when the lights are on. This is just one example of what you can do to create custom headlights and taillights. If you would like to customize your vehicle's head lights or tail lights after-market, here are three ways you can do it.

Reshape the Lights and Reconfigure the Mounts

This is probably the most expensive way to go, but it means that your vehicle will be one-of-a-kind. The lights themselves are completely reshaped in just about any way you want them to look. The mounts where the lights go on your vehicle will need to be reconfigured so that the lights do not jut out from the frame of the vehicle. This requires a very talented auto body technician who can cut and custom-shape the mounts so that both the mounts and the lights fit snugly into the vehicle where they are supposed to go.

Create New Light Sockets to Increase Light in Different Directions

If you live out in the country, then you are already familiar with how dark it is at night. There are no light posts to show you the way. It is just you and your head lights. You can increase the amount of light you get from your head lights by compartmentalizing the lights into two or three compartments and pivoting the bulb positions out to the sides and toward the back of the vehicle. This will provide you with more light forward, to the side, and shining back for an almost 180-degree view in the darkness.

Die-Cut Light Covers

Finally, the least expensive option of these are die-cut metal light covers. These fit right over the head and tail lights of your vehicle. As long as the lamps inside are not obscured, you can die-cut any shape or figure you want. The customization of the light covers is simple enough; you will need a little more help with getting the covers to stay on the vehicle. Your auto body technician can help you design little clips or devices that will keep the covers on the lights.

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