Saving Money With Recycled Or Used Car Parts For Your Car

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In this day and age, we recycle so many things. Why should car parts be any different? Often the parts that are on a car after it has been in an accident still have a lot of life in them so the idea of recycling or reusing the parts is a good option. There are plenty of reasons to buy used car parts, but the biggest is the cost savings over new parts. If you are working on a budget or maybe just like to save as much money as you can, look to a local salvage yard for your part needs. You might be surprised at how much you can save.

Small Salvage Operations

There are a lot of salvage yards around that you can buy parts from, but some of the most fun are those small operations that allow you to remove the parts from the car yourself. These yards are disappearing very quickly but if you still have one in your area, building a working relationship with the yard operator or owner can often bring you lower prices and can sometimes open up opportunities to get parts that the general public never sees. If you still have a small salvage yard in your area, pay it a visit and talk to the owner about your parts needs. If nothing else, it will give you a chance to help a small business survive a little longer and you might just find the best price on parts in your area.

Large Salvage Yards

In a lot of cities, there are large salvage yards that hold many cars, trucks, and SUVs that have been damaged or destroyed in a collision or other mishap. The larger yards often have the best supply of parts but keep in kind that supply is not the only consideration. If the operator is hard to work with or the prices extremely high, you may want to consider another salvage yard to work with. In the past, almost all yards were set up so that you went out and found the part you needed and removed it but with insurance regulations getting tougher and theft becoming more of a problem, these large salvage yards now have employees that will remove the parts and bring them to you. Common parts are commonly removed from the cars before you even arrive at the yard so in many cases, the salesman just has to get it off a shelf when you arrive.

Common Parts Available

The inventory available at any salvage yard is going to change often. Because they get different cars all the time, they have to take whatever parts they can off the cars and store them. Some of the most common parts available are alternators, starters, engines, transmissions, body panels, glass, interior parts, and just about anything else that does not have a lot of wear on it. Even tires have become a salvageable part these days and good used tires can be significantly cheaper than new ones. The best way to find out if the salvage yard has the part you need is to call them. While they may not have it off the car, they might have the part and be willing to pull it for you.

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