Tips To Follow With Regards To Garage Door Maintenance

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It's important for you to be sure you take care of all of the areas of your home, from the roofing to the plumbing. An important part of your home that you don't want to overlook is your garage door. However, since it is generally on the other side of the house from where families spend the most time, and you only see it when you are pulling in and out or doing something inside of the garage, it can be easy for you to overlook. Ignoring your garage door can lead to maintenance issues and it can even leave you more susceptible to break-ins. Here are some easy-to-follow maintenance tips:

Watch and listen to the door each time you use it

If you are starting to have issues with your garage door, then the first signs you may notice are that it will start to make strange sounds and have jerky motions. However, you might not notice these things if you aren't paying attention to the way your door sounds and moves. You want it to open quietly, except for the normal hum of the motor. You want it to move evenly and fluidly as it goes up and down.

Make sure you tighten certain parts up regularly

You want to realize that your garage door does a lot of going up and down, especially if you park your cars in there, which means it is opening and closing several times throughout the day. There are some parts that get loose over time and you want to make sure you check them routinely and tighten them up as needed. The areas you need to pay attention to are the roller brackets and the bolts, which can be easily tightened with the use of a socket wrench.

Replace damaged or old weather stripping

You want to check over all of the weather stripping along the garage door. If you find any of it that is in need of replacing, then you want to go ahead and have it taken care of as soon as possible so you can prevent moisture, cold air and hot air from freely coming into your garage.

Visually inspect the rollers semi-annually

Twice a year, you want to visually inspect the rollers up close to make sure they aren't chipped or cracked. If they are, then you want to have them replaced as soon as you can, so you can avoid dealing with much bigger issues in the near future.

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