The Ultimate Brake Pad Buying Guide For Classic Cars

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Perhaps one of the most important parts of your classic car is the brake pad. This part is what creates the friction necessary to bring your vehicle to a complete stop. If you're in the market for new brake pads, you'll want to consult with this buying guide first. 

Assess Current Pads

Before you go out and purchase new brake pads, you should at least look at the current pads on your classic car. There are several warning signs that indicate you need new pads. Start with a visual inspection. Looking through your wheel's spokes, check to see if your pads are at least 1/4 inch thick. If they aren't, you need a replacement set.

Also pay attention to how your brakes sound when you go to stop. If you constantly hear a high-pitch screeching sound, chances are your pads are too thin. You should then immediately replace your pads to avoid doing irreparable damage to your brakes. 

Pick a Type 

There are many types of brake pads you can purchase today for your classic car. Three of the most common include ceramic, semi-metallic, and non-asbestos organic. Ceramic pads are probably the most expensive option because of their clean and quiet operation. If you want your classic car to have smooth brake performance, these pads are ideal. 

However, if you plan on being more aggressive with your car, semi-metallic pads are a great option. They have the advantage of being extremely durable and excellent at transferring heat. Organic pads are great if you're environmentally conscious and want quiet braking performance. 

Focus on Quality

No matter what type of brake pads you purchase, you need to make sure they are high-quality. Otherwise, they will wear down rather quickly and make driving your classic car less safe. When assessing quality, keep in mind where you purchase from. Consider aftermarket pads, rather than factory-made, because they are generally designed to last much longer.

You'll also want to shop according to brand. Choose a company that has built up a reputation for producing quality products. You can even choose brake pads that feature a certification. This simply means the pads went through rigorous testing for performance and safety.

Even if you're a car enthusiast and know a lot about classic car parts, you need to take your time choosing brake pads for classic cars. Think about what and how you drive to select a pair that work perfectly over the years. 

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