Have A Junk Car That Doesn't Run? Get Rid Of It In These Profitable Ways

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There are a lot of different things that you can do when you have a vehicle that doesn't run anymore, even if you don't think that it's worth anything. If you don't want to pay a tow company to come and pick it up, and then a fee to take it to a local dump or waste facility, you need to find a way to earn a some money back. Here are a few ways you can make some money off the automobile, and hopefully avoid having to pay to get it somewhere.

Find Scrap Metal Purchase People

There are people that will pay you for the vehicle and come to your house to pick it up. If you don't have a title for it, they may still be willing to purchase the vehicle, because they are experienced with bringing in scrap cars and know the regulations for people without titles. This can be favored because they give you cash in hand, and they do all of the hauling.

You Take to the Scrap or Junk Yard

If you have a free towing option with an insurance plan, some type of auto membership, or even as a perk from a credit card that you have, you may be able to get the vehicle to the scrap yard without a cost. Then you will be able to get the full amount from the scrap yard, however there are things that will have to be done.

The scrap yard will require you to remove some different mechanical components and parts from the vehicle before it can be scrapped. The junk yard will most likely take the vehicle as is, but may not give as much. Evaluate the different options and then you can proceed, depending on how much work you want to do or how much money want to spend.

There are other ways to get rid of the car. If there is a local trade school in your area or mechanical school that needs vehicles to work on, you may want to use your tow or have it towed there. The school may be able to use it to teach their students. You can also get a tax form to write off the vehicle if you do this option. Talk with the professionals to find out what choices you want to try, and how you can get the most money for the automobile.

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