3 Tips For Better Outboard Motor Care

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Outboard engines have revolutionized the boating industry. Instead of spending your time on the water rowing, you can speed across the waves with an outboard motor. The motor on your boat needs to be maintained properly so that you don't find yourself stranded with a motor that won't start.

Try implementing these three things into your boat-care routine to ensure your outboard motor lasts as long as possible.

1. Clean Your Motor Often

Ideally, you should be taking the time to clean your outboard motor each time you take your boat off the water. It doesn't matter if you are boating on saltwater or freshwater; you need to flush your outboard motor after every use.

Saltwater has the potential to corrode the chrome elements of your motor. Freshwater can contain sand and debris that might damage the motor over time. Flushing out the motor takes only a few minutes, but it can save you a lot of time and money on a motor replacement in the future.

2.  Check the Fuel Lines Often

Today's outboard motors are powered by gasoline. Flexible tubes and hoses help circulate gasoline throughout the engine components. Cracks or leaks in these lines can spell disaster for your engine.

Cracks and leaks allow water to seep into the gas lines. Water can cause serious internal damage and even cause the engine to seize. By checking the integrity of your engine's fuel lines often, you can identify problems before they get too severe. Damaged fuel lines can be replaced to preserve the integrity of your outboard motor.

3. Use a Fuel Additive

Your local marine parts supply store probably sells an array of fuel additives designed for outboard motors. It can be advantageous to invest in one of these fuel additives for your own motor. A marine fuel additive is uniquely formulated to help prevent corrosion.

An outboard motor is exposed to many contaminants during use. Water can find its way into the fuel reservoir, and even the fuel itself can contain sediments or condensation that might damage the motor. A fuel additive counteracts these contaminants to extend the life of your outboard motor.

Taking care of your outboard motor doesn't have to be a challenge. Clean the motor often, check fuel lines for damage, and use a fuel additive when maintaining your outboard motor. Any replacement parts or specialty products that you might need to improve the integrity of your motor can be found at your local marine parts supply store.

For more information, contact a marine maintenance parts supply store.

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