3 Signs Of A Failing Fuel Pressure Regulator

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Modern vehicles rely on electronic fuel injection systems to operate. The system is composed of several parts. At some point, parts may need to get replaced to ensure proper performance. Routine auto maintenance services can be helpful in identifying failing parts. The fuel pressure regulator is an integral part of the system. Its purpose is to regulate the pressure of the fuel distributed to the fuel injectors in a vehicle. If the part fails, there will be a variety of symptoms. The following points highlight a few things that should prompt drivers to get their fuel injection systems checked for failing parts.

Check Engine Light 

The check engine light in vehicles is a feature that indicates an engine issue. It should not be ignored because it can be a sign of serious issues that can severely damage an engine. The light is activated by sensors in a vehicle that can detect when something is amiss. It is always wise to get diagnostic testing performed due to various reasons this phenomenon can occur. 


Some individuals do not understand that there are several signs of a vehicle misfiring. This problem presents itself during drive time and when idling. During drive time, the vehicle may accelerate and then lose power and operate slower. This happens because of the fuel pressure regulator not being able to properly distribute pressurized fuel to the injectors. A vehicle with this issue is likely to idle roughly or seem like it is about to idle off. If there is severe damage to the regulator, the vehicle may idle down and shut off. If the replacement fuel injection part is not installed before total failure, the vehicle will eventually stall during idling or when an attempt is made to start it.

Exhaust Smoke

There are different issues that can cause exhaust smoke from vehicles. Some vehicles naturally produce exhaust smoke. However, some types of smoke are indicative that there is an auto repair issue. Exhaust that has a gas smell is likely related to an issue with the fuel pressure regulator. The smoke will also appear black. In extreme cases of damage, gas may leak from the exhaust pipes, which is a safety issue. It could lead to a vehicle fire. 

An auto parts provider is a good resource to use to learn more signs of a failing fuel pressure regulator. Many providers have employees who are mechanics, and some of them also have diagnostic machines to check for issues such as damaged fuel injection system parts. If you are in need of fuel injection system parts, contact an auto parts shop near you.

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